Friday, August 19

ACS Labs Community Update #2

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River City Labs Entrepreneur In Residence Peter Laurie held a group mentoring session last week for members and the community. The session covered entrepreneurial risk, pirate metrics and pricing.

ACS Labs CEO Peta Ellis was part of a panel of guest speakers at Future Anything’s Future Fest. Speakers shared their experience, journey and advice to over 100 students. Future Anything empowers youth entrepreneurship in schools and is lead by Founder Nicole Dyson.

River City Labs Monthly CEO Lunch is a gathering where startup founders connect with each other. The Monthly CEO Lunch aims to foster conversations between founders.

The team from Datacom held a lunch and learn session at River City Labs for the startup community. The session covered an introduction to cybersecurity and what the key things you should be doing to protect your business.

On the First Friday of each month, River City Labs welcomes everyone to work from the space for free, take a tou and join the community for morning tea. Followed by the popular drinks and pitches session. This month was a full house and standing room only.

River City Labs member and Founder of SwapU has just launched is app-based startup. SwapU makes swapping easy, the marketplace platform allows you to trade, barter and swap the things that you don’t need to get what you do need. Check out SwapU 

The team at World’s Biggest Garage Sale  held an incredible event last week, as a precursor to opening their seed round. VIP guest speakers engaged and educated an impressive audience of investors, corporates and startup entrepreneurs.

River City Labs member, Trish Macki-Smith Co-Founder and CEO of Inndox won the award for HIA Business Development Professional

Award winning circular economy startup ( World’s Biggest Garage Sale ) is raising. If you’re interested to learn more about the recent World’s Biggest Garage Sale event – Impact and Innovation showcase, or would like access to the WBGS Data Room, please get in touch with the team.  Text your details to 0448 209 455 or email


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