Wednesday, February 8

Aussie Dad creates start up just for fun

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It’s the lead up to Christmas. The festive decorations are already up, the shop windows are dressed and it seems that wherever you go, Jingle Bells is playing…relentlessly. And it’s sending shivers down your spine.

Months of school holidays are looming – and you haven’t planned a thing.

Like many parents, Melbourne Dad Chris Gillard, Founder and CEO (#ChiefExcitementOfficer) of was frustrated by the never-ending task of searching for fun places to go and stay, and things to do with kids on holidays and weekends. It was only day three of the long Summer school holidays and the kids were already testing his sanity. What Chris really needed, like most parents, was a one-stop shop for people of all ages and abilities to find fun across Australia. But it didn’t exist…

As Chris puts it, “All parents know the feeling. You can lose frustrating hours trawling websites, searching different sites for accommodation, activities, food and drinks, parks, vacation care and more, and still not find much at all.”

So Chris set about finding a solution to end school holiday nightmares and from this, the visual search engine of fun was born.

The search for fun took Chris, his wife Angela and their two daughters Lila and Willow, all over the country from The Great Ocean Road to the tip of north Queensland.

“We first hit the road in 2016 to test the concept with anyone who’d listen. First we wanted to know, would people even like the idea? If they did, did they want to search for fun by photo and video?  But what other features did they want? And what even, is fun anyway? We talked to big and small tourism businesses and organisations across the country and we enlisted an army of school mums, dads, grandparents, kids and carers for their feedback over two years. Their insights were invaluable.”

The self-confessed ‘Dadult’ (a fun-loving Dad) launched FunSearch in September with over 30,000 Australian tourism and leisure businesses and destinations on board. Chris is looking for suggestions from people everywhere to help build more and more of the fun that we’re all looking for.

“If you’ve got a fun business, add it – it’s free. If you know a fun business, let us know. And if you’re looking for fun, search it!”

Whilst kids are dreaming of toy cars, bikes, and large boxes under the Christmas tree, maybe, just maybe parents across Australia have already had their Christmas wish come true. was made to solve a year round and recurring search problem for Australians who want all their fun in one spot. It’s a unique search engine displaying photos and videos of all kinds of fun from around Australia.


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