Saturday, December 3


Startup Soda is an online media publication focused on promoting the Australian startup ecosystem through in-depth coverage, thought provoking articles and the dissemination of knowledge and insight from within the startup community.

Mission Statement:

To provide high quality, in-depth and thought provoking articles on the Australian startup ecosystem, as well as the companies and individuals who populate it.

Vision Statement:

To create Australia’s leading in-depth and startup focused media site that doesn’t shy away from writing thought-provoking articles, covering controversial topics or providing a platform to argue for the changes required to improve the country’s global standing when it comes to its ability to attract, retain and promote startup companies and the individuals who launch and grow them.


  • Every Startup / Startup Founder that successfully brings a product to market deserves media coverage regardless of their personal connections to the media industry or PR budget.
  • Media is a channel through which information, ideas, knowledge and insight can (and should) be shared. Restricting content behind paywalls is not conducive to that goal.
  • Quality is important, but so too is the quantity of information and articles shared. To inspire, educate and inform others requires increased coverage of the Australian startup ecosystem and the people within it.
  • Not every story needs to be (or should be) positive. To move forward and grow critical thinking and debate are often required. Not ever article needs to be a fluff piece about a company launch or fundraising activity.