Thursday, October 6

Future – Proofing Your Classroom

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Technology Startup Hub River City Labs is launching a masterclass in collaboration with Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum specialists, Future Anything. Both organisations have assisted and supported thousands of educators and students through their programs, River City Labs’ YEN ( Young Entrepreneurs Program ) and Future Anything’s Innovative entrepreneurship program.

The newly launched masterclass will equip educators and teaching teams with the strategy and support to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to teach enterprise skills to future proof young people for academic success.

“​The masterclass will explore why we need to think differently about education and how by adapting some entrepreneurial mindset strategies, schools can engage in productive partnerships with forward-thinking organisations to leverage more opportunity for their young people,” said Peta Ellis, River City Labs CEO.

The one-day masterclass will cover three sessions:

Session 1: Why

Understanding and exploring the rapidly changing world of work and why education needs to shift to meet the needs of the next generation.

Session 2: What

In this session, we dig into the ten enterprise skills that young people will need to acquire to prepare them for the economy of the future.

Session 3: How

In the final session, we explore how to implement an education-specific design thinking methodology that will build the entrepreneurial mindset of the young people in your classroom.

“As educators, we’re acutely aware that the landscape is shifting- and feel a deep sense of responsibility to prepare young people for a rapidly changing ‘future of work’. The challenge lies in how to respond in a way that best meets these needs whilst also juggling the demands of a crowded curriculum. This masterclass cuts through the white noise to capture the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of future proofing your classroom; drawing on best practice that is backed by research,” said Future Anything Co-founder Nicole Dyson

The masterclass jointly facilitated by Ms Ellis and Ms Dyson will include a panel of entrepreneurial guest speakers throughout the day.

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