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Launch Festival Sydney Is Running 5 Competitions That Could Net Your Startup $100k & A Place In the Launch Incubator

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Jason Calacanis and Launch Festival Sydney are running five competitions that could net your startup a $100,000 investment and a spot in the Launch Incubator.

Running on the 19th and 20th of June the Launch Festival Sydney is the first time that the Launch Festival has been run outside of Silicon Valley. As part of the festival Jason and his team have put together five unique startup competitions that could give you exposure to thousands of attendees, plus a chance to secure investment.

Teams that are successfully selected to pitch on stage will find themselves in good company, with past Launch Festival Alumni including a “who’s who” of tech based startups including Dropbox, and Fitbit, as well as one of Jason’s more recent breakout successes, CafeX.

The five competitions that are open for applications until Tuesday the 5th of June include:

Live Equity Crowdfunding Competition

In conjunction with Republic, the Launch Festival Sydney will invite 6 startups on stage to pitch their startup to festival attendees and a live online audience.

During the pitch members of the audience and those viewing online will have the opportunity to invest directly in each company via the Republic equity crowdfunding platform.

In addition to that the winner will be shortlisted to attend the Launch Incubator in San Francisco and receive a $100,000 investment, pending final Due Diligence by Jason and his team.

Apply Now (Deadline 31 May 2018)

Best of One Year

For startups that are new and have had their product in market for less than one year this competition is for you.

The Best of One Year startup competition will see startups pitch on stage of three minutes, followed by an additional six minutes of Q&A from investors in the crowd.

Apply Now

The Best of Frontier Tech

The Best of Frontier Tech is a competition for startups tackle problems in areas that are not yet considered mainstream.

According to Jason this includes things such as AI, Robotics, new sources of food and drones. So if you or your company is working on something that is at the cutting edge of technology and science the Best of Frontier Tech represents an opportunity to get on stage and show why your technology or solution is on the precipice on breaking out.

Apply Now

The Best of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Jason’s thoughts on Cryptocurrency are well known. He believes that crypto backed startups need to go beyond whitepapers and work to get their product in marketing and gaining real traction.

An example of a company that has managed to do this is Brave. In fact, Jason recently interviewed Brendan Eich on This Week In Startups where they spoke about Brave, the Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token.

So if you are a blockchain or cryptocurrency startup that has more than a whitepaper, Jason and his team are looking for six live and awesome projects to step up on stage.

Apply Now

Startup Ideas

The final competition at the Launch Festival Sydney is for 20 startup ideas. This is a super early stage startup competition where you step up to the stage with nothing but an idea.

When you apply online you will be asked to complete five slides that focus on presenting the problem, you solution and why this product/service should exist in the market.

The ideas shortlisted for presentation will then have 90 seconds to pitch their idea with the winner offered a $25,000 investment from Jason to help make their idea a reality.

Apply Now

To learn more watch Jason speak about the Launch Festival Sydney Startup Competitions in the video below:

LAUNCH Festival Sydney Startup Competition from LAUNCH on Vimeo.


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