Thursday, February 9

Maqro Aims To Disrupt The Traditional Stockbroking Industry & Bring Access To Advisors To The Masses

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For Australians looking to make informed investment decisions on the stock market there has traditionally been a lack of choice available. This is especially true for Australians who have built a nest egg but lack the high six (or even seven) figure balance required to get on the radar of traditional wealth advisors and stockbrokers.

At the other end of the spectrum the rapid growth of the fintech sector has seen to the emergence of robo advisors and associated apps. Typically however their value proposition is targeted towards those looking to invest a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. In doing so they completely remove the human element and nuance often required to make the best financial decisions.

Looking to cater to investors who fall in between those two extremes is Maqro, a new hybrid service that provides a middle point between human advisor and robo-advisor, and in doing so provides significant benefits for both the advisor and investor.

While hybrid services have been launched overseas by companies such as Vanguard and Personal Capital, this will be the first time a company has adopted the model in Australia. In addition, Maqro is the first company in the world to build a platform that can be used as a white labelled model by all advisory firms.

What this means in practice is that advisors now have access to a platform that allows them to provide a more personalised service to clients who would otherwise be unprofitable to manage in a traditional stockbroking or advisory firm. As a result Maqro are determined to eliminate the many barriers to entry and finally bridge the gap between the retail and institutional investor, leveling the playing field for mum and dads, millennials, Gen Y and retirees.

For the individual investor there are also a number of benefits that are now available because of Maqro. Perhaps most importantly is access to the insight and knowledge of professional advisors whose sole job is to analyse the market and make recommendations. This helps minimise one key area of risk when it comes to investing on the stock market. The lack of time and energy to monitor your investments. Despite what people may want to believe keeping track of company news, industry trends and micro and macro economy impacts on the earning potential of a company is a full time job. And Maqro helps make access to this knowledge accessible to a larger portion of the investing public.

Maqro was founded by Conrad Song and started life as a boutique advisory firm. Not only does this allow the company to champion their vision of opening up access to wealth advisors to the broader public, but also ensures they have an internal team to validate and test their product and market assumptions.

To continue their mission and expand the reach of their organisation Maqro is currently in the process of raising a $2.2m Series B round of funding. This funding will go towards technology development, marketing and brand awareness prior to the release of their platform.

With the robo advice tipped to grow beyond $1 trillion in 2020 and their first mover advantage with  a hybrid platform Maqro represent an interesting proposition for investors who are looking to take hold of their financial future and desire a human element to their investment decisions.

To find out more about Maqro and to register for early access you can visit their website here:


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