Saturday, December 3

The Ethos Behind Startup Soda And My Plan To Provide More Coverage To Aussie Startups

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When I started the Startup Soda newsletter two years ago I wanted to use it as an avenue to highlight first hand accounts, lessons and insight from Aussie startup founders, early stage employees and VC’s.

I looked to America and saw there were dozens, if not hundreds of startup founders, angel investors and Venture Capitalists who all wrote about, and shared their insight into the inner mechanics of the startup ecosystem over there.

I had hoped to find the same in Australia, and while there are a number of people who take the time to write and share what they find (I have personally enjoyed reading what Alan Jones has been writing recently), I still find the amount of content in and around the Aussie startup ecosystem lacking.

While I can’t solve the issue of startups of founders sharing deep insights into their business (despite trying to lead the charge towards transparency with Task Pigeon) myself, I can shine a light on more startups and founders through Startup Soda.

That’s why you may have noticed recently that Startup Soda is now more than a newsletter. It is a media platform desired to support Aussie startups, founders and VC’s by sharing their story and uncovering hidden gems in our ecosystem.

Essentially, the ethos of Startup Soda is this:

If you can successfully get a product or service to market, or are accepted into an accelerator program then you deserve media coverage, regardless of the level of funding you have received to date, or the contacts you have already developed in the media industry.

This isn’t an attempt to put down other sources of startup journalism in the country, but the fact is, unless you have raised a bunch or cash (or been embroiled in a scandal) the Australian Financial Review is unlikely to cover you. The other two main sources of startup news, Smart Company and Startup Daily also do their part, but 3 to 4 articles a day never feels like enough to me.

In addition to that, each of these publications are run (at least to the best of my knowledge) as a profit driven business. With Startup Soda I approach it from the opposite end of the spectrum. I have no desire to make a bunch of cash from Startup Soda. That’s why it is free, will always be free and won’t ever turn to paywalls or locked content. My entire focus is on helping support and promote Aussie startups in any way I can.

On this front, I have started the journey to increase the volume of content through two main activities. One, I have recently partnered with Energy Lab, River City Labs and Xcelerate to provide coverage on each of the startups who go through their accelerator program. Some recent articles in this category include Ohm PowerWaste Ninja and Never Farm, just to name a few .

In addition, I have partnered with Matt Trustrum to produce an “In The Trenches” Series to write about new and emerging startups you may not have previously seen featured online. This is open to any startup that has launched a product or service. As long as you meet that criteria (and are an actual startup) we will cover you in Startup Soda, so please reach out.

Long term, I won’t be satisfied until Startup Soda can share 20+ articles a day. There are more than enough stories to make that a reality, but for now I remain the sole founder of Startup Soda and work on making this dream a reality in the mornings and evenings.

I do this because I believe in giving back first and helping where I can. While we won’t bring you TechCrunch levels of traffic just yet, it’s always nice to have your work/startup featured somewhere online. And with Startup Soda I would be happy to provide that coverage. You just need to ask.


About Author

Paul Towers is a passionate supporter of the Australian startup ecosystem and the Founder of Startup Soda. Originally, Startup Soda was solely a newsletter that helped curate the best content from the Australian startup community, more recently however it has turned into a media platform with the aim of improving coverage of Australian Startups, Founders and VC's.


  1. Hey Paul, good on you, that’s a very worthwhile purpose. I appreciate the name-check too. Those with long memories may remember a similar venture From Little Things which I wrote for a few years ago. We committed ourselves to turn it into a commercial, for-profit venture but unfortunately, we were unable to find the advertiser support necessary to employ a team and we had to wind it up. Australia still needs more diversity in the nature and the purpose of the content published about our tech startup ecosystem. Good on you for contributing in such an important way.

    – alan

    • Hi Alan

      Thanks for your message and for also sharing the article across your network. A couple of startups have reached out already based on you sharing the article in various Slack groups and on social.

      Thanks also for being someone in the ecosystem who is so willing to write and share things you see, how you approach investing, etc. I hope that this becomes more of a trend and we can get other investors and VC’s putting pen to paper and writing on a consistent basis.

      Talk soon