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Sydney based fitness startup FitVidPro makes fitness training highly personalised AND affordable

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FitVidPro is a Sydney based fitness startup that connects fitness enthusiasts with professional fitness trainers for personalised online training through its App.

The company was founded after Co-Founder & CEO Saurabh Nagpal found himself overwhelmed by thousands of generic exercise videos online and struggling to find a flexible & affordable way to engage a suitable personal trainer. He decided to build a solution that would help people like himself & others in similar situations.

He shared the idea with Akansh, a friend of 10 years. After some brainstorming sessions, Akansh came on-board as Co-founder & COO. Once Akansh was on-board, we then reached out to our network and got introduced to Marcus, who is a fitness trainer of 20 years & Ex MMA professional & natural bodybuilder. Marcus resonated with the idea & the problem we wanted to solve and later joined as Co-founder & Head of Training.

With the team assembled they began working on FitVidPro in line with the mantra “You are unique. So should be your fitness program” .

Whilst there are many fitness applications out there, there is a huge gap in the market when it comes to personalised fitness & affordability and that’s where FitVidPro positions itself.

Speaking with Startup Soda Saurabh Nagpal, Co-Founder & CEO of FitVidPro said that him and his team are trying to solve a number of key problems faced by customers within the fitness industry.

First of all Nagpal outlined that “personal training is expensive, costing anywhere from $70/hour to more than $100/hour, depending on where you live and your trainer’s experience.”

On top of that “in-person training sessions need planning in advance and you need to add time to allow for prep & drive on top of the time you spend on training. Securing the personal trainer that you want in a suitable time for yourself is an even bigger challenge.”

These are two issues that FitVidPro aim to solve with their mobile app that connects fitness enthusiasts with professional trainers for personalised online training.

Because of this approach FitVidPro also helps solve the challenge that Personal Trainers currently have with limited reach beyond their surrounding suburb.

Compared to other fitness apps on the market Nagpal also highlighted that another challenge FitVidPro aims to solve is the “generic-One size fits all approach”. According to Nagpal many existing fitness applications offer generic workout plans and do not consider a user’s individual fitness level, ability, preferences, lifestyle, injuries/conditions etc.

As a result this can often lead to information overload. Nagpal went on to say that “fitness content on social media & other online channels is overwhelming, generic in nature and adds to the user’s confusion.” Not only that but there are personal constraints to consider where “people may prefer a personal trainer who can understand their individual language, cultural background, food preferences & eating habits.” according to Nagpal.

As a result of these challenges Nagpal and the team worked to create an affordable fitness app where you can search and engage the best professional trainers from around the globe for customized fitness training online. Anywhere, Anytime!

The application allows for tailor-made workout programs and customised HOW-TO exercise videos from personal trainers to support your fitness goals. And is flexible in that it allows you to exercise at home, your local park or at the gym, anytime around your own schedule.

Finally FitVidPro is also affordable and allows you to engage a professional fitness trainer for less than your monthly coffee bill.

The App enables users to browse through various trainer’s profiles, experience, skills, trainers images & introduction video. With just a $99 subscription, users can engage a professional fitness trainer for a 1 month personalised fitness program with the option to continue with that trainer or select another trainer at the end of the subscription. (Or Opt out)

As part of the 1 month subscription, users will get a highly personalised workout program along with the specific exercise videos to support them in their fitness journey. Our in-built chat feature, allows the member to check-in with their trainer.

On the other side of the marketplace, FitVidPro provides trainers & coaches the option to create an additional income by training clients online on their own schedule.

Launched in Oct 2020, FitVidPro is now available to download for free on App Store & Google Play. You can learn more about us at


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