Friday, August 19

Vantari VR moves into the US with appointment of Head of Product, Jay Kahlon

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Rising medical virtual reality company, Vantari VR, has signalled its international expansion plans with the appointment of Jay Kahlon in the US, taking on the position of Head of Product. 

Over the past decade, Jay Kahlon has been masterminding solutions to counter healthcare worker shortage, standardisation of healthcare and cost of healthcare training. Jay has strategically launched 45+ products ranging from hardware, software, cloud and mixed reality, to the healthcare simulation market in the US that continues to empower educators and trainees across the globe. 

Shortly after graduating from the prestigious University of Washington, Jay joined the team at Blue Phantom – an early-stage American start-up focusing on ultrasound simulation that was successfully acquired by CAE Healthcare in 2012. Throughout his time at Blue Phantom and CAE Healthcare, Jay served in multiple roles ranging in Product Development, Business Development, Operations and Marketing, ultimately scaling Blue Phantom to becoming a world leader in ultrasound simulation and training. 

In his new role as Head of Product, Jay will be providing support to the team in areas ranging from product and platform vision and development, roadmapping, identifying and developing strategic and clinical partnerships and business development. 

Of his appointment, Jay said it’s an exciting opportunity to support Vantari VR as the business expands into international markets and continues to lead as early adopters in using virtual reality platforms to overcome barriers of the real world. 

“The vision Vantari has laid out utilising virtual reality to enable access to world-class clinical procedural training, regardless of educator availability, simulation space and self-directed learning has greatly resonated with how I envision our collaboration can disrupt the status quo of access to world-class healthcare training.”

Driven by his passion for bettering healthcare, Jay envisions technology as the bridge to enable global equality in healthcare accessibility and affordability – he believes he has found the perfect match across international waters with Vantari VR. 

“Speaking to the Vantari team, the clinical, technical and educational knowledge that the team encompasses was incredibly impressive. Vantari VR has done a brilliant job with their remarkable technology platform and has shown outstanding efforts in advancing healthcare procedural training across Australia within a very short amount of time.” 

Vantari VR Co-Founder and Co-CEO Nishanth Krishnananthan is thrilled to have Jay on the team and looks forward to the impact his appointment will have not just on the business, but on the industry more broadly. 

“Jay’s spectacular track record of integrating emerging technologies in the US market to enhance healthcare education speaks volumes to his immaculate capabilities in transcending the healthcare industry alongside Vantari VR,” said Dr. Nishanth. 

“His personal mission to democratise access to healthcare training internationally with the transformative technology of virtual reality aligns with our goals for Vantari VR, and we’re excited about what the future holds for us with Jay’s expertise.” 

The appointment comes as Vantari VR was recently found to reduce medical error by an astounding 40 per cent, as part of a research program conducted in partnership with the University of Wollongong (UOW). The research also found the training software has helped student clinicians to improve performance by 32 per cent and adherence to safety and hygiene by 39 per cent. 

Looking ahead, Vantari VR aims to successfully expand their business to the US markets to deliver procedural training to doctors, nurses and medical students, with a mission to eliminate medical error, with standardisation in the delivery of training across the board. Alongside the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Nishanth and

Vijay, Jay looks forward to speaking with healthcare organisations and universities across the US in the coming months and beyond. For more information, please visit:


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